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A statement recently made to a Line Manager by a remote team member.

It took them back a little as they felt they had been doing a great job of keeping the team together and informed...until the individual explained that they were feeling overwhelmed from spending most days jumping from video call to video call.

Of course, the new processes are all well-intentioned. So how do you stop over-communication becoming over-load?

• Ask your team about the amount of communication they receive

• What about content? Is it relevant to them personally?

• Are a mix of the most effective channels being used?

• Is there anything they would like more/less of?

Once you have this information, think about how you can effectively support them by streamlining and prioritising messages, how you might make information more specific and relatable to your team and whether there are any channels that you can remove altogether.

Regularly checking in with your remote team in this way will provide you with the insight to ensure that they not only remain connected to each other and the business, but that their health and wellbeing also remains a top priority.

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