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Hello.  I'm Jill Leake, MD of

JL Communications Consulting


 My expertise is enabling organisations and businesses to connect with the emotional needs of their multi-generational, diverse and distributed teams, including remote and hybrid workers. Today, that means the very different people that you employ, spread across many separate locations, celebrating many different cultures, yet in need of common goals and a shared sense of work identity and purpose.
Using the practical application of communications and engagement skills, I help you to understand and connect with your people to deliver simple yet powerful outcomes.
Every person in every function in your business feels informed, included, valued and valuable. This makes them ready, willing and able to play to their full strengths and drive your business forward.
With an extensive background in internal communications and employee engagement, I've led remote teams for over 20 years – spanning some of the greatest changes in the history of work - I’ve supported leaders of all kinds, from small businesses to FTSE 100. Some of their challenges are shared. Some are very different. What they all have is a passion to drive results by improving employee experience. While working with them, I’ve seen for myself the measurable, game-changing outcomes that great employee connection delivers.
Before you next talk to your employees, talk to me. I promise you a productive conversation about how I can increase emotional connection with your team.


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