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What makes JL Communications Consulting different

"80% of attendees (of the Transformational Leadership Programme) felt they learned something new and are now more self aware. Employees are actively being mindful of how their actions impact colleagues...taking a more positive approach to their work and showing more of a growth mindset."

Royal College of Emergency Medicine

"Jill jumped on one of our projects for one of our most prominent clients, delivering brilliant employee comms content on the topic of data and analytics. Jill got up to speed with the project in a flash and supported us with copywriting and strategic planning. She is a delight to work with."

Caroline Berdeaux

Vice-President, United Minds

(a Weber Shandwick consultancy)  3C

"Keeping a disparate team of 400 sales people informed and engaged is no easy task, with Jill on the case we achieved great engagement and great results, both in terms of employee engagement and revenue growth, she quickly demonstrated that if a team is kept informed and engaged, productivity and performance improve. This was also evident when she expanded the model to my wider commercial team."

Graham Davis
Group Sales Director
Royal Mail Group

"I have been lucky enough to work with Jill across many projects – both events and communication strategy. It is seldom you met someone who has the ability to turn a corporate message into a compelling story which inspires those within the wider business.

Jill has a wonderful ability to look at any scenario and turn even the hardest hitting communication messages into positive interactions which leave individuals feeling informed and empowered.

From large change program announcements, to weekly updates and interaction with employees, through to Customer communications and exchanges Jill can deliver a message in the tone of the business, the brand of the organisation. The interactions are precise, excellently timed, managed and delivered in the voice of the CEO, Director or Leadership team member. I would not hesitate to recommend Jill, as long as she doesn’t become too busy for me!"

Susannah Schofield OBE

Dice Matrix Consulting Ltd

"Jill runs an event like no one else! Her attention for detail, her ability to understand the guests needs, the corporate deliverables the requirements from start to finish is nothing short of exceptional. I have attended more events where Jill has run the show that I care to mention, both as client, presenter and attendee and from every angle she fulfils everyone’s needs. If we have an event date, and Jill isn’t free the only thing we change is the date!!"

Pitch Media Team

Pitch DMM Ltd

"I have worked with Jill on a number of one off and ongoing communications and engagement projects. She is the ultimate professional who consistently delivers quality and creative work on time. During the time we worked together Jill worked on internal communications and engagement across one of the largest business to business sales forces in Europe. This worked delivered significant value across the entire sales force and beyond. I have no hesitation at all in recommending Jill"

Peter Reed
Director Letter Sales
Royal Mail Sales

"I highly recommend Jill to anybody who is seeking to drive change and engagement. I worked with Jill as part of the Sales Leadership Team at Royal Mail where she managed to achieve great success in driving change across a nationwide disparate workforce. She had a great ability to distill large volumes of information into easy to understand and creative communications that people could easily understand and engage with. If you’re looking to drive change and engagement, you should speak to Jill about how to achieve this first!"

Harry Gasiorski

Head of HR Office

Royal Mail Group

"Any manager tempted to dismiss team and company cultures as 'soft' or 'optional' should talk to Jill. A few minutes will quickly reveal why it's an imperative to get it right with the way your people work together and the way they feel about themselves at work, the people they work with and the work they do. The bottom line is that productivity is about people and people are only as productive as they are motivated and empowered. Jill knows how to make this happen. No HR BS bingo. No fads. No froth. The fruits of a professional lifetime understanding and energising the organisational environment, AKA people at work. The go-to person for our 'new normal."

Roger Linley

Words that impact, engage and inspire positive actions

"I had the pleasure of working with Jill at Royal Mail and having both observed and been a recipient of her communications approach I have say she was a shining example of what good looks like. Her strategies for bringing together a large, varied and disparate team was brilliant, and she did it with such humility and grace too. I learnt a huge amount from working with Jill, and would highly recommend her."

Jon Nicholson, Sales Director, Royal Mail Parcels

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